Low & Hazy IPA

ABV 4.1% | 29 IBU

Inspired by the low and hazy clouds that roll through the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Low & Hazy is a full-flavored hazy IPA with tropical flavor with notes of stone fruit, grapefruit, mango, and pineapple.


ABV 5.2% | 8 IBU

A crisp and crushable porch drinking craft lager. If a beer could say “Cheers Y’all” this would be the one talkin’.

AMB-new packaging-May-2021-43

Long Leaf IPA

ABV 7.1% | 74 IBU

An ode to the Old North state and proudly taking its name from the Long Leaf Pine. Long Leaf IPA, a classic IPA with citrus piney aroma and resinous character from bold. hopping inspired by North Carolina’s Long Leaf Pine.

AMB-new packaging-May-2021-8

Boone Creek Blonde

ABV 4.7% | 19 IBU

An ode to the creek along which we built our brewery, Boone Creek Blonde is a refreshing blonde ale with a zest of orange and hint of wildflower honey for our Southern twist.




Cloud Pleaser

ABV 6.5% | 50 IBU

The first juicy hazy IPA in the Cloud Pleaser series. Brewed with our favorite blend of Galaxy, Azacca, and Mosaic complimented by a touch of mango. Of course, we made sure to rise above the mountains into the clouds with the double dry-hop to really make it rain. At 6.5% ABV, fresh is best.

not a double ipa

Not a Double IPA

ABV 6.7% | 74 IBU

Is clean, full, and satisfying. This DIPA gives a full spectrum of hop flavors and aromas without wrecking your palette with harsh bitterness. Tropical fruit, sweet pine, pungent dankness, and earthy citrus all come from this one beer. At 8.7% ABV, it’s not your typical double IPA, It’s “Not a Double IPA”

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Cloud Pleaser

ABV 6.5% | 50 IBU

Perhaps we discovered a secret tropical paradise, swimming in liquid emeralds under sapphire skies and cotton candy clouds. The sand beneath your feet, beach music flowing through the sea breeze, and hazy IPA in hand.  Brewed with the right amount of pineapple, pink guava and blood orange balanced by a blend of Citra, Summit and Pacific jade hops, this juicy IPA makes tropical island serenity just a sip away.



ABV 5.3% | 74 IBU

Our new Wheat Ale with honeydew melon and honeysuckle. Southern Summers wouldn’t exist without potlucks and porch-side hangs. This refreshing wheat ale with the flavor of fresh cut melon and a subtle hint of honeysuckle is the perfect addition to the table spread or porch-view.


Cloud Pleaser

ABV 6.5% | 50 IBU

We like to live with our heads in the clouds, often thinking. about chasing the final frontier. From nebulas to space ship trails, space clouds seem to ignite our imagination the most and seem to be the furthest from our reach. Brewed with juicy apricots and using our dank custom
blend of El Dorado, Mosaic & Galaxy, we brought the space clouds to you.


ABV 5.2% | 74 IBU

A pastry milk stout with
all the things you are looking for. It’s brewed with pastries, coffee and aged on cocoa nibs for that extra goodness you want in a stout. Brought to life by nitro, this brew has a robust cocoa coffee nose, a sweet stout body, and the smooth finish you’d expect. Delicious anytime and sure to keep you toasty.



ABV 5.0%

This apple based cider is infused with green tea, rhubarb, and strawberries to give it a mysterious sweetness while drying it out slightly. Its a perfect compliment to spicy foods.


ABV 5.0%

Inspired by our Appalachian Mountain Orchards bursting with unique apple varieties, Southern Apple is a classic Semi Dry cider that brings you that fresh picked experience like you’re coming right off of the orchard. Crisp, clean, smooth dry and crafted to be incredibly sessionable, our Southern Apple cider makes for good times with friends all year round.


amc roots cider


ABV 5.0%

Named after our southern mountain roots, Roots cider is an apple-based cider infused with Ginger and Turmeric for a refreshing twist! Boasting some synergistic health benefits from the mighty root duo, Roots is a balanced, drier cider at 5% ABV.

Cider Mimosa

ABV 5.3%

Perfect for a Sunday brunch, our take on a classic Mimosa is our Dry-Hopped Apple Cider with a splash of Orange Juice!

Scarlett Rose

ABV 5.0%

This apple cider is infused with cinnamon and plums for a unique and flavorful experience.